Peace and a edification to the Church of God

تعطيل النجومتعطيل النجومتعطيل النجومتعطيل النجومتعطيل النجوم

Peace and a edification to the one holy and apostolic Church of God; and an expansion to our Church by the work of the Holy Spirit, God the life Giving; which acquired to himself with the precious Blood (the acquired people) he is her owner, ruler, head, pilot and her only vinedresser. So, her history is the most exquisite and the greatest and most glorious story of God's work, he leads her to the heights of grace and takes her on a high mountain; which made her pages glowing with the light and strength, and weaved woven bright out of the great river from the front of the throne of God; to irrigate the land of the world and feed with the righteousness, life and way of her redeemer, Christ.

The owner of the Church has promised that he will not leave us orphans (John 14:18); but he works so by his Holy Spirit to make her present and future; to be alive and vibrant, so that history to be completed when her bridegroom and vinedresser comes and writes then (it is finished) ... He has sent his pious servants to his vine, from our Father Mark the evangelist; the destroyer of the idols; the first Patriarch; the witness of the sufferings of the Lord Jesus. God has granted his Church blessed great saints, Abba Anthony, Abba Makarios, Abba Arsanios, Abba Didymus the blind, Abba Demetrius the vinedresser, Abba Athanasius, Abba Cyril the pillar of faith, Abba Cyril fourth the father of reformation; up to the great contemporary of Pope Cyril VI and Pope Shenouda III. Our history is
inveterate, our present is blooming, and our Coptic tradition is authentic Florentine; and the spirit of God does not cease to work, chooses and sends witnesses in every generation; to testify, work and record actions and words of Christ who is working and speaking in us... So that the Church to be completed as a spiritual structure; coherent, sequential and integrated to the highest, when God seals the last seal;  and history to be completed; as this will never happen unless by his coming.

The glory of our church is not just immemorial past; but it is presence and the contemporary. The Holy Spirit works and complements and shows the elect of God in every generation; to testify and complete what has been built on him. God has granted and honoured us with the meeting and discipleship close to the late Bishop Samuel, bishop Ghreghorios, bishop Ioannes, bishop Athanasius, bishop Beemen and Bishop Maximos, father Morcos Dawod, and father Mikhail Ibrahim, father Bishoy Kamel, father Matta the poor, and the cloud of saints who worked and still work to build the church with her live stones; which the Christ occupies in it the centre of the lighthouse; and highlights her glory as
conformity instance to instance.

Our church is our hope, our salvation, our refuge, our hospital, our sheepfold, our harbour, our true ark, high like the heaven; big like the world, built from our souls and structure; as living stones; she is a queen; the delighted mother of the children...
The fertile mother; a garden planted in Christ’s side; quenches from the fountains of his life giving blood. In it, God grants us good will to worship Him, and him alone; not to consider anything but the good confession and preserve the and the deposit of  truth, looking on him in all situations and circumstances all the time; carefully waking and alert ; so that we be saved; and not to be astray or captured by anyone .

God who sends the successor to his apostles to represent the people attending in the midst of his people; for the care of the speaking flock of God (God's chosen royal race), who are God’s servants and honoured righteous people, who preserve the faith. ... His work is pastoral, his power is in washing of the feet, his mission is to gather, carry, to add and to heal ... Whatever human hands have destroyed and ages passed; false does not come out of it; gorgeous, but as a glamorous mirror; offers pure offerings on behalf of his flock; so that make them prepared congregation, one sacrifice to God. Not to exploit the flock; not bully, nor lords over God’s heritage; but as one who serves, and works with the laws and all the ordinances of the holy Church, for her peace and her edification, and  who serves the with purity and righteousness; and works as wise builder; God grants him every wisdom and prudence according to his abundant grace; and to make known to him the mystery of his will; that he intended in himself; for the edification; and preservation of tradition in the spirit of the correct practice and effectiveness and the fragrance of the blessing granted from God, not with all wind of hypocrisy or unacceptable revolt.

The church will remain built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets; and Jesus Christ himself is her corner stone... Rock of ages, In whom all the building fitly framed together grows as living stones, without a spot or wrinkle or something like that ... Rich with the righteous and ordinary people, wise teachers, and who pleases God of his people who they have taken their share and their inheritance without interference or fabricate nor filthy lucre’s sake.

Let be peace and the richness to you my church in this age and every age; because you are our mother, the pride of our glory; we became honoured members in you, honoured chosen vessels for light and to inherit the kingdom; We will be ever the righteous children and faithful to you and your Christ,  without any dispute or quarrel or strife; for our success is by each other; as human  branches for the original divine; your greatness is because you are the cloak of Christ and his shirt which is not sewn or divided, and the greatness is because our Christ is present in your midst; noticing what is missing of the oil and wicks and light in the lighthouses ... watching over her.

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