The Liturgical worship of the great Lent

تعطيل النجومتعطيل النجومتعطيل النجومتعطيل النجومتعطيل النجوم

The Church (our mother) established a special worship for the great lent; to nourish our souls the divine food (the Word, the Logos); confirming our hearts by grace, not by foods that did not benefit those who uses them ... We keep our fasting liturgically, as is fitting, and receive the holy Pascha; and celebrate the glorious resurrection, when the Secular time turns into liturgical; sacred time of salvation;  ascetic worship full of theological depth; and by it we get baptised in repentance as second baptism ... We grow as Catechumens and believers; So as not to miss the train to the joy of the holy Pascha and the Resurrection. Thus, the church arranged everything in his time and premature; in order to distinguish the times, as was the ancient symbols of trumpets calling times to the holidays; and at other times to fasting; and a third to war. Now the Church trumpets the trumpet of Lent; so that we can come to what we have been brought for; by intention to make this time, "time of reformation" (Heb. 10:9) keep the feast, not with old leaven, nor with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.

And the Church's worship becomes in Lent, School of Theology, formative for our lives and our thoughts, permeate our being deeply, as an inexhaustible vessel of knowledge and life, so that the faith grow through worship, and the divinely doctrines to be discovered through the creative Ecclesiastical worship service, and provides an opportunity to test the "act of fast" in a New light renews our meeting with the living Christ, who fasted for us forty days and forty nights. In the march towards ending on Easter Friday of the fasting, we conclude that the time for Lent as a liturgical season, characterized by ascetic, mystic educational nature, and to move on to the memory of the pains of the Lord and the holy cross, to the resurrection of Easter.

It is a spiritual journey, its latter purpose; is the configuration to detect the real; and experience the measure; as a permanently Passover to the eternal kingdom (Great mystery, beyond the minds of human beings is the pursuit of our Savior, Lover of mankind... fasted for us forty days and forty nights ... and was with the beasts when He fasted in the wilderness, in order that we do like him) it is our passage; and our fasting; and our Passover to the new life; for us men and for our salvation ... we taste it and we live it through the rituals of the church and her fasting worship, in richness and spiritual satisfaction ; and see the true kingdom of God and His righteousness, and to the heavenly treasure, and to receive spiritual health for our heads, and our diseased and puny hearts, by the spirit of burning, the judiciary and the purification and the suppression of the body with purity and righteousness, and victory over the temptations, by every word that comes out from the mouth of God, and with the weapon of the Bible and the fruits of repentance and return to the parental bosoms, and returning back to the eternal home, and the rim of the fountain of living water with every strayed son and every Samaritan and all paralytic  and everyone who was born blind ... What all of these but I am!!! These are not just stories, tales and narration; but our meeting, response and acceptance, now and here, our sins shall be as white as snow... Our richness and glory from the depth, could not be stolen, but preserves our reward for us ... We call out our Christ, who is fasting for us and praise his mercies for ever, from generation to generation we declare his truth; and converse with him saying: (I know you righteous, gracious and merciful; remember me with your mercy ... we ask him not to rebuke us with our Ignorance, because he does not wish the death of the sinner as they return and live... ask him not to look at us angrily, and not to burn our unawareness like Sodom and Gomorrah, and not to judge us for our weakness and sins ... and to solve and forgive us our trespasses; and to have mercy upon us as the good one and the lover of mankind).

Church has arranged a special Katameros (Readings Book) to serve the fasting; in order to make prophecies, readings and decorate the worship of fasting by the beauty of the art of repentance and good mental worship. So she has chosen readings and a set of supplications and Prostrations and glorifications and responses and commentaries and the fractions bearing the spirit of (bright glorious sadness) making mysterious transforming in our hearts; we enter through it to our spiritual race and for the sanctification of the senses; so that we are liberated from the fallen world; old World of Adam; which depends on foods and material; then we realise that neither salvation nor a church without fasting and asceticism. Therefore we go forth weeping, bearing seed for sowing, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing our sheaves... longing with fasting and prayer; to seek the God's face. Then we’ll be delighted to follow the march of Paradise with our fasting Christ following him; even to become one with the entire life of the Church as the body of Christ; and to say to our Christ (our head) as the high priest for ever (form the hymn Meghalo) that he is the Lord of the heavenly hosts; longing to him, and our eyes look to him and him alone (Come see our Savior; he taught us the way, so that we do like him... He abolished the power of the enemy and his tricks and his arguments; and exposed him in front of him).

Christ is our leader in the march of Lent, He is the focus of our worship and its unique icon, so that the biblical extent to be doubled in days of fasting as a speaking icon of Christ and the Church ... We read the prophecies and the selected readings in conformity with God's plan of salvation according to the liturgical season and the rituals. We enter into the events in the succession of the Sundays of Lent; where the temptation of the Lord as a reality event planned for us; and as a power in our lives, we reject the false cosmic promoted by Satan; that we live by bread alone. But by fasting and worship we challenge the liar and the father of lies in practice; and we conquer him by the recognition of Christ to the offering of our fasting ... we conquer him by arms and the sword of God which is the existential proof that we become spiritual not earthly anymore, by the grace of spiritual worship, our lives are in God, and from him and for him... Even with the most, our hunger is hunger for righteousness ... There is no fasting without
temptation, and no victory without race and help... God is our share; the share of the Prodigal Son, the Samaritan, and the one who is born blind and the paralyzed. His kingdom is our demand, and our treasure is with him (Gospels of Sundays of fasting). Therefore, we ask Him to receive our fasting and to remember us with His mercy; because our iniquities have covered our heads and heavy on us; may he hear our sighs and cast them away from us.

As the fasting worship show Christ our Savior as a model and the original example (Come and see our Savior), as well it shows an audio icon of models includes: the tax collector, the harlot and the right thief, when we beg God to make us like them, in their place, and in their... To have mercy on us and forgive our sins and to save us and deliver us; because we (as members) and (as a community) have sinned (I have sinned, I have sinned; do not count on us for our sins ... But may your mercies, come unto me quickly, and save me from the troubles, that come to our souls). And with collective approval and recognition we say (I am also a sinner, Jesus my God my real king have compassion upon me, and make me as one of those). As if we were in a large ecclesiastical parade combining: the tax collector and, the harlot and the right thief, with all those fasting repentant; and the head of this holy procession is our Holy Christ personally; having everyone in his company.

In this liturgically consecrated present, we taste our company with the Holy Trinity and with the heavenly and with crowd of believers who have experienced the fasting as an old medicine; heals the old wound; because the fall was by disobedience and eating, but rising is by fast and obedience ... First commandment is not to eat; and when it was not obeyed; first Adam fell and was disappointed, but the second heavenly Adam paid the debt by fasting to raise us up from our fall; and to heal the wound of the earthly Adam. The Christ did the fast, which Adam has had refused, therefore he fell (ate and died). So our crafty enemy opens the door of sin through all ages by eating, but our fasting is our weapon; did cause him to fall like lightning, and our just judge is merciful and soft-hearted; and fast with us to have mercy according to his great mercy; and he will not look at us angrily.

We bow our knees in the worship of fasting to Christ our God, who has the treasures of Compassion  ; in order not to leave us in our ignorance and the ideas of evil; and to please him and enter with him in a humbled Dialogue; as a friend speaks with his friend, asking of him not to throw us on his left hand; and not to say to us that he does not know us ... We confess to him that we are sinners, so that he give us repentance; before death to block our mouths in the gates of hell, In order to give us an answer for everything we did ... Thus our worship becomes fasting, collective and concrete; in a mutual relationship; overcomes temporal and spatial borders, and go to the mountain of temptation and pray liturgically; as a guide to tracing the footsteps of such trip; and shovel from the fountain of the Bible; in a meeting and hop calling our Christ face to face, as the treasures of compassion is in him, and beg him, and to declare the honor of fasting and prayer, and with the fasting tune, which is for this seasonal time, we call of Christ who is present with us, we’re the strangers in the wilderness of this life, and ask of him (O patient) with the rising of the sacrifice of incense suppliantly and bowing; going out of ourselves and out of out our social, intellectual and domestic atmosphere; for a messianic ecumenical company, we pray for those who are traveling, the sick, those who are distressed, the captives, the catechumens who are in every affliction, and for all creatures. Asking for the mercy of the Saviour; because no servant without sin or master without forgiveness.

Also in the course of worship, the Church reactivates the noetic function in the heart (position of the heart in the mind); for the healing of human beings through our overall situation towards God, and through the value of the symbol in worship; so we prepare ourselves with myrrh and frankincense; and deck ourselves with the merchant's fragrant powders; and to practice on the worship of the spirit and the truth secretly, so that our worship not to be a false worship; hateful and fraudulent, because the worship of arrogance, hypocrisy and by lips is dross. Trust in God our treasure... Let us reason together with him and learn how to do good, and our lives to be purified of thorns and thistles, and we bear fruit of grapes within the period of the fruit, do not go along with the world; let not our fruit like its fruit.

In a liturgical creative and aesthetic, worship becomes rich in its words, tunes, rituals; and its total work which robs minds; and makes it worship reflects and explains the content of the faith of the Church and its sang theology; which we pray with the voice, and tongue of the tax collectors and sinners, so that fast be to firmness to the soul / gets rid of strikes / fast from slips and the earthly / we fast secretly in hard service all the days of our life as strangers; so that darkness run away from us / fasting from sins, heartbreak, desires, pests, falls and doom one to Hell and penalties / fast that we receive through it good things and dignities, and to be nourished in it through liturgies, missionaries with eternals; and live the spirituals and fasts with good returns / a fast that opens for us the door of gifts and good works, and abundant blessings And to go up by it to the highest score like the wise virgins / by it we bear fruits, and to gain with our talents, and inherit the kingdom of heaven.

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